Workplace retaliation: What are your rights?

Employers get away with workplace retaliation because workers often don’t recognize the signs and believe it’s only limited to job termination. In reality, workplace retaliation comes in many forms. 

Let’s say you work at a Fintech company, and you tell the human resources department that your boss is overworking you and refusing to pay overtime.  

Then, your superiors suddenly increase your workload more and deny you opportunities to lead projects or get promoted. Because it seems so subtle, you brush it off. What you are not aware of is that your boss is using this unfair treatment as a way to get revenge.  

It is forbidden to fire, demote, or take any extreme action against you if you:

  • Report illegal activity or harsh working conditions.
  • Complain about harassment or discrimination.
  • Request accommodations for your disability or religious beliefs.
  • Refuse to take any action which breaks the law.
  • Give information to law enforcement agencies during an investigation in which your company is involved.


These situations can take a toll on your emotional health and lead you to commit impulsive actions such as exploding on your employer. You should always avoid engaging in heated discussions with them since it will not put you in a better position. Instead, do this: 

  • Gather evidence such as text messages, emails, and any other written notices to back up your claim.
  • Refrain from posting anything regarding the situation on social media since it will be used against you.
  • File a complaint with the HR department or talk to your superiors in a respectful, calm manner.
  • Report it to the Department of Fair Employment and Housing.


And most importantly, don’t skip hiring an employment law attorney—they are capable of ensuring you receive the compensation you’re entitled to for the damages. You will need someone to protect you during this process and provide guidance, so your employer faces the consequences of their unfair actions.

If you suspect you have been retaliated against, act quickly and contact an employment law attorney from Guerra & Casillas right away. We’ve helped many victims of workplace retaliation and reclaimed over millions of dollars in damages.



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