Types of injuries caused by a dog attack

A dog attack can be a traumatic and emotional experience that can affect your day-to-day life. Unfortunately, these injuries are not usually only emotional but also affect your physical health, depending on the severity of the attack and the wounds it caused.

The wounds from the attack can range from minor and superficial scrapes to severe and deep, or even a bite in the wrong place can cause the death of the person who suffers the attack.

The levels of these wounds are divided into four categories depending on their severity:

  1. The mildest are called abrasions, which are superficial wounds that do not cause severe bleeding but can nevertheless be quite noticeable and can cause infections if not treated immediately.
  2. Lacerations are wounds where the dog’s bite causes shallow wounds that bleed and require medical attention more quickly than an abrasion.
  3. The most severe injuries are called puncture wounds, which occur when the animal’s bite pierces the skin causing severe damage such as external and internal bleeding or even damage to the victim’s organs.
  4. Finally, avulsions can cause tearing of skin tissues, which are injuries with delayed recovery due to their severity.


On the other hand, the infections that a bite can cause if not treated and disinfected are also extremely serious since they can damage the person’s health.

Among these is rabies, which causes an infectious disease with fever, paralysis, and even death. On the other hand, tetanus is a bacterial disease that can cause death and mainly affects the nerves.

It is vital that whatever the severity of your injury, you see a doctor immediately and get vaccinated against these diseases, and your wounds are treated after you have been the victim of a dog bite.