Premises liability: what you should know

Sometimes, attending establishments such as department stores, hotels, small businesses, etc., can result in an accident if such facilities are not properly maintained or cleaned. Another reason could be if there are liquid substances or objects in the way that obstruct the path, which can cause the establishment’s clients to suffer from slip and falls, which likewise can cause serious injuries.

It is essential to know your rights in the event of an accident in a place where the owner must take responsibility. If the person or company is found to be liable for the accident because they acted negligently, they will have to cover your financial expenses resulting from the accident.

You must demonstrate to the legal authorities that, in fact, the owner or person in charge of the store, hotel, or any property, committed negligence by:

  • Not maintaining its facilities,
  • Not having placed signs that warn of a danger,
  • Or not having supervised that a hallway was cleaned or cleared immediately. 

This is possible by presenting evidence that you will be able to collect from security camera videos or inspection sheets, as well as bills resulting from the injuries you sustained.

When it is determined that the person responsible for the establishment is guilty of your accident, the latter will have the legal obligation to pay any expenses derived from it. For example, hospitalization bills, medications, rehabilitation, or emotional therapies (because these types of accidents can sometimes cause trauma or emotional suffering depending on its severity). 

Proving negligence before the law to hold an establishment liable can be a difficult task, so it is recommended that you enlist the help of an attorney. They know in detail the information or evidence required and will be able to answer your questions and make this process easier.

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