Pregnancy and labor laws

Pregnant women are protected by the federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act and state laws such as the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Fair Employment and Housing Act. They set out your rights when pregnant and the obligations your employers have to meet.

When talking about these laws, the first to mention is the one that protects them from any discrimination of which they are victims. They must always have the same rights and benefits that each employee working in the same company has, such as salaries, opportunities, and good treatment. It is illegal to fire or deny a woman an opportunity simply because she is pregnant.

Likewise, it is illegal for a woman to be harassed for her pregnancy either by a co-worker or her employer and receive any derogatory and disrespectful comment regarding her current condition.

Pregnant women may apply to their employer for disability due to their pregnancy or any complication when their doctor indicates it.
Disability leaves must include periods of pregnancy, childbirth, or any time required by any other related medical condition. Pregnancy disability may be granted for up to 4 months without necessarily taking it all at once.

One downside is that the state of California does not require employers to continue paying their workers for as long as they are required to be absent due to pregnancy disability. However, they could use vacations accrued during this period, which can be paid.

Finally, it is essential to consider the requirements that the employer requests to provide the disability leave, such as having worked for at least 12 months in the company and at least 1250 hours and giving advance notice requested by the employer.

In case of discrimination, harassment, or unfair treatment, consult our team.