Pool accidents

Public pools are one of the most popular options for fun and cooling in the summer season, especially considering the high temperatures that the state can reach. Therefore, it is vital to have information to prevent accidents.

There are specific rules that public pools must follow to ensure that their users can use them without taking more significant risks than the use of a pool itself represents.

The most common accidents in swimming pools and water parks are slips and falls due to people exiting them with their bodies wet, creating puddles, and leaving water in their wake, which can cause the floor around the pool to be very slippery.

Other reasons for accidents are games in swimming pools, damage from chemicals used to clean the water, or there have even been cases in which people have been electrocuted due to improperly placed lamp cables. Finally, drowning from games or not knowing how to swim and falling into pools is common, especially with children.

The accidents mentioned above can be easily avoided by making prudent use of the facilities. However, it is also the responsibility of whatever company or person responsible for the pools to maintain a safe space for the public.

If you are involved in an accident, you may receive compensation from the person responsible. You will be able to prove fault taking into account factors such as: what rules the person in charge violated and how the measures that he had to take (and he did not) added risk to you suffering the accident, the damages that you suffered, and its severity, and finally, it will be necessary to have evidence such as lack of signs, non-slip floors, etc.

If you need help proving that you deserve compensation after a pool accident, contact our professional team. We can help.