Injuries during the workday

Any worker in the state has the right to receive workers’ compensation in case of suffering an accident while carrying out their work activities, but how to claim it? What to do in case of an accident? Or what happens if my employer does not want to pay my compensation? In today’s blog, we explain it to you.

The moment you suffer an accident at work or begin to experience symptoms of an illness that may have been contracted by the materials or processes used to carry out your activities, you must immediately notify your employer. In this way, your employer will know that he must pay compensation, or the required investigation can begin to determine if any factor at work caused your illness. It is important to give notice when you know that you require compensation, as the processes can take a little time, especially if it is symptoms of a disease.

After you have informed your immediate boss or your employer and have received medical attention, you must fill out a claim form so that, having all the information, your employer can send it to the company that he has hired as an insurer for these cases. You should receive a response from him in no more than 14 days.

If your claim were approved, you would be entitled to receive compensation equivalent to your medical and hospital expenses, benefits for disabilities caused by the accident, or even death.

Conversely, if your claim is denied, you should consider hiring an attorney to help you defend your case and receive the compensation you deserve as a worker for that company.

Finally, your case will be resolved depending on the evidence that your lawyer presents to the judge and what he determines. You could even reach an agreement earlier with the person responsible for providing you with compensation.

Approach the Guerra Casillas team in case you need help. Together we can get you the compensation you deserve.