Got attacked by a dog?

Dog attacks can be an unpredictable and traumatizing event that can leave severe physical and emotional scars. If you suffered a dog attack, you have the right to get compensation, and you are protected by California’s law.

Dog-bite law in California is one of the strictest in the country, and in most cases, they make the pet owners responsible for their dog attacks or injuries. It does not matter if the dog hasn’t shown any aggressive signs before the attack or if it has or has not attacked a person before. The owner would have strict liability if the attack or bite happened in a public place or at the dog owner’s property. 

Filing a claim for a dog attack falls into personal injury law in California, and you will have a deadline of 2 years to file and get your case started; otherwise, after the deadline, the court can dismiss it.

After the attack occurs, California still has another separate law regarding the danger of the situation. This law will make the owner responsible for taking further steps to prevent future attacks by removing the threat the dog may represent. This includes having to move the dog to a secure place or having it indoors all the time because it can be a danger to the community for its dangerous and aggressive behavior. 

A dog can be considered dangerous if:

  •  It has previously attacked or tried to attack someone without provocation. 
  • If it has bitten a person, whether it caused injuries or not.
  • If it has attacked and caused severe damage or the death of another dog. 
  • If another dog suffered injuries after being attacked first.


If an aggressive dog has attacked you or your dog and you need help and representation, call Guerra & Casillas. Our number is (855) 546-5090. We are here to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. 


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