Family and medical leave law

Throughout our working life, numerous situations may arise that force us to be at home, such as the arrival of a child, being in a hospital due to a personal illness or injury, or caring for a family member. Naturally, this causes us to fear losing our job due to absences that prevent us from working properly during those periods. However, in our country, there is a law that protects workers in situations like these so that they can keep their jobs.

According to the Family and Medical Leave Law, the worker has the right to take a leave of absence due to illness or to bond with a new child without fear of losing their job. The law also establishes permits for pregnant women that require both leave for childbirth and some accommodation for problems related to pregnancy.

This type of license can last up to 12 weeks if you have been working for this company for 12 months and if the company has more than five employees. You should try to submit your request at least 30 days in advance to give the employer a margin that allows him to find a temporary worker who can help while you are on leave. This way, the company can continue operating correctly. However, in the event of an emergency in which you do not have this possibility of giving advance notice, you should let your employer know as soon as possible, at least verbally, so that he knows the reason for your absence.

Remember that you have the right to request your leave or sick leave for your own or your family, as well as for the arrival of a new child (including adoption). If your employer refuses to grant this permission, you can report it. Contact one of our attorneys to learn more.