Car accidents and bad weather: Who is at fault?

There’s no doubt that bad weather conditions account for many accidents on the road. Blaming the weather is the go-to for the party at fault in hopes of receiving compensation. Unfortunately, car crashes caused by slippery roads, fog, heavy rainfall, and other events follow the same process as a typical accident. 

This means that the weather cannot be used to save yourself from being blamed. 

No matter how harsh the weather is, drivers are still expected to take the necessary measures to stay safe and take care of the lives of others, such as:

  • Driving slower than the established speed limit to adapt to weather conditions.
  • Using the signal when taking turns.
  • Pulling over if visibility is impaired by rain, snow, or fog.
  • Maintaining distance between cars.


If the insurance claims adjuster proves you drove despite knowing that the weather conditions were unsafe, you can do very little to be in a better position and receive compensation. 

It gets even more complicated if vehicle maintenance issues such as faulty windshield wipers are contributing factors since drivers are also expected to execute basic car care practices. 

Determining fault always comes down to one crucial factor: negligence, which is why you must be careful when talking to insurance claims adjusters. Admitting the road was dangerous for weather reasons and is to blame for the accident will not help your claim. You would be exposing yourself to a denied claim or very little compensation.

Proving your innocence in such accidents is a complex task that should be handed over to a skilled attorney capable of defending you from unfair practices — for example, the 50/50 split liability. 

Victims without legal representation to back them up risk losing their compensation because the insurance company determines that both parties share the blame in most of these cases. 

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, schedule a free consultation with our personal injury experts in California. We’re equipped to handle even the most difficult cases and secure the best outcome possible for those suffering in the hands of another.


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